Rogue One: A PROBLEMATIC Star Wars Story #NotReally

Rogue-One-A-Star-Wars-Story-logoIf you live under a rock, you have at least seen the 380p quality version Rogue One: A Star Wars Story teaser trailer.  I can’t wait!  Needless to say this has generated quite the buzz on social media… wait… doesn’t just about any and everything cause at least a modicum of hype on social media?  

Anywho, I have watched the teaser several times and, again, I simply cannot wait for the movie to premiere where I can watch from the comfort of my recliner theater seat. #2016Priviledge

Having said that, there are two caveats about the movie that could be problematic.  I use the term problematic because it is an overused term that uninteresting hack people use in an attempt to make a cogent point.  #SelfEsteemProblems


The first #problematic concern I have are the charges being read to Jyn Erso (Spoiler, the main character).  “Aggravated Assault… Resisting Arrest…”  When I’m watching a movie or reading a story set in galaxy other than the Milky Way, I don’t like the lingo to match the lingo of our universe.  “Resisting Arrest” sounds too close to the charges being read to a drunken sports fan after a National Championship riot.  How about “Opposing Imprisonment” or “Halting Confinement”?  It’s silly, I know, but I’d like the “other” universe to sound more “other” and less like an episode of Law and Order.

If they use “selfie” or “for realz” at any point in the movie, I’m going to start praising the prequels.

asdfasdfasdf 2The second #problematic issue that is currently be debated on Twitter is another female lead in a Star Wars movie.  I say “currently debated on Twitter” lightly because having a Twitter argument is like going back and forth with someone on the wall of a bathroom stall… it’s both monotonous and really sexy! The predictable rebuttals have been something to the effect of “institutionalized misogyny rearing its ugly head” and it must be stopped.

For the sake of argument, I would like to tally the number of Tweets that actually are against BGXsUkxCQAMI99Hthere being another female lead in a Star Wars movie.  There are literally (<- Problematic use of the term “literally”) millions of Star Wars fans in our galaxy and I’m not sure a couple of thousand misogynist Tweets constitutes a problem.  Believe me, even the most female-hating Star Wars nerd is, at the very least, going to watch this movie.  And he will continue to promote the movie even in his protests.  Just because your Twitter wall is filled with hate, doesn’t mean the rest of the world has the same problem.  Remember, your social media life is, at best, a pleasant fiction.  Much like reading this drivel.

But allow me to take a contrarian point of view on the women hating Star Wars fans.  Without any evidence, I will choose to believe that the majority of the basement nerds bashing Rogue One for having a female lead are women hating individuals.  However, there are many of us (You like how I included myself in this description to make myself appear enlightened?  Me too!) who simultaneously LIKE diversity but HATE it being spoon fed diversity.


There’s nothing worse like an overcorrection on representation of minorities in art.  It’s the theatrical equivalent of saying, “Hey! I have plenty of [Insert aggrieved minority here] friends.  I have this silly feeling that fair-minded underrepresented minorities don’t particularly like being patronized at in an attempt to correct the evils of the past.

I think a minority of fans are worried that instead of letting diversity happen, like in real life, it will be so overt, that many in the audience will gag.

ripley-suits-up-to-do-battle-with-the-alien-queen-at-the-end-of-aliensFor example, Alien and Aliens are some of my favorite movies of all time.  When I was a little kid, never once did it cross my mind that Ripley was a woman in a hero’s role.  She was just a badass who killed xenomorphs.  No man could ever replace her… and no man should because the character of original intent was and will always be a woman!  I have no doubt that Ridley Scott wanted to portray a strong woman on the screen, but he did it with such finesse that it didn’t feel forced.  I lack the confidence that Disney embody that same finesse.  I fear that that instead of a making a good movie, they will make a movie whose main purpose is virtue signaling.

I personally don’t care about the character of Jyn Erso so far.  She’s a woman (a white woman… baby steps, lol) and she seems to fit the part of a badass.  Let’s see what Disney does.  Will the story of Star Wars (Who happens to have a powerful female lead) be the focus or will it be spoon fed bean counting?   #StoryOverNarrative


Language Alert ^^^


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