What I Would I Have Posted On My Facebook Wall If I Wasn’t In Posting Recovery

1 LenaLena Dunham is taking a brave stand against White Conservatives.  Not really, but she wants them to know that she is not afraid of them and that she will continue to make up rape allegations against people who possess ideologies that she finds repulsive.  She also said that people are cherry picking quotes from her book and taking them out of context.  That may be true, but you are not a victim of anything.  Anyone who vents how much hate mail and threats they get on Twitter are really out to prove how important they are.  If you are on social media for any amount of time, you are going to accumulate people that hate you.  The attacks coming at you Lena Dunham, for the most part, are an attack on your ideology.  No one… and I do mean no one… is interested in raping you.




IMO, no one in America receives more racist ire than black conservatives (Or any black person that doesn’t quite tow the line on established black thought.   “Meet Michele. She’s a 40-year old black female, two kids deep, a former drug dealer, ex-con, and conservative.”  And she’s been called an ignorant coon.




3 8 Year Old Piano

Proud of this kid and jealous when someone that young gets an inkling of what they are supposed to do with the rest of their life. 


4 Falcons

The new Falcons stadium has been revealed and it looks amazing!  Let’s hope that and a new coach will mean more wins.  Break the Georgia sports curse!  We need a championship somewhere!


5 NES Bed

I love Nintendo.  I may stray towards other lovers (i.e game systems) but on my death bed, Nintendo will be on my lips and my death bed will have these sheets


6.5 Rhino

Rhinos running free and past the sleeping guards.  What’s not to love?!


6 Buffalo

Running buffalos are dangerous and I can’t help thinking about Tatonka in Dances with Wolves. 


7 Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift continues to be awesome in giving back to her fans.  Love her or hate her, she writes her own songs and she uses her OWN money to bless people.  This is Common Grace and this is real Social Justice. 








8 Chris MurphyBarren wasteland Senator Chris Murphy wants to put the blame on the latest terrorist attacks in Paris on… get ready for it… you ready…. George W. Bush.  I hope liberals know that they are setting the tone for conservatives to blame Obama for the next 4 to 8 years.  Not that we don’t over-blame him for everything already…





9 Daily News

New York paper Daily News says that Obama, Biden, Kerry and Holder let world down by not going to Paris to stand with world leaders in the march against terrorism.  FYI, the New York Daily News is not owned by Fox News… I’ve already done the leg work.



10 Hebo AffleckLA Street Artist Strikes Again.  This time they went after Ben Affleck after he had a temper tantrum and humiliatingly lost a debate on with Bill Maher and Sam Harris.  Hopefully ole Ben will track down the terrorists and try to reason with them.  I have the popcorn at the ready. 


11 Newfie Hula Hoop

Gentle giant dogs patiently playing with rambunctious children is endearing.  This is a Newfoundland dog (Newfie) and they are the BEST with children.  The only drawback is that they shed like a mofo.  But they are gentle and very cute!


12 Waves Turkey

Waves are so amazing.  I love to body surf on them.  I love the high tide at the beach.  I don’t think I would like waves crashing into my car


13 White Girl B Ball

White people… oi! 


Rev. Franklin Graham15 Graham is making waves by posting statements railing against culture from abortion, euthanasia and government suppression of religious expression.  I was kind of with him until he started talking about the “death culture” and attaching it to The Walking Dead. 

He said, “Football used to be the dominant choice on television on Sunday evenings in the fall and winter but today, for example, 17 million people skipped the football game to watch the season premiere of The Walking Dead, a series about zombies (the walking dead) hunting and eating people.

A few weeks after that premiere on Oct. 12, “nearly 15 million people turned in to yet another episode, easily surpassing that night’s matchup” between the Broncos and the Chiefs, said Rev. Graham.”

Maybe, or maybe they are turning from wife beating culture to more wholesome entertainment.  I’m not saying that the NFL is a “wife beating” organization, but I though sense Graham is handing out free blanketed statements, I though I would too. 

Rev Graham, it’s not about death culture, it’s about survivalist culture and dealing with the demons in the fundamental makeup of all humans.  Should we go back to vampire culture?!  Because you weren’t exactly happy about that!  At least in these shows there’s more of a black and white picture of who the enemy is.  Outside of Warm Bodies, no one is trying to have a sleepover with the zombie.


16 Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews from the high rated cable news channel MSNBC has finally come around to denouncing Hitler references.  Here’s a video of his past statements comparing right wing politics to… guess what?  Nazis and Hitler.  This might be the dumbest person on television. 


18 KKK Hollywood

Finally, someone has finally noticed that Hollywood is the KKK!  Not really, but since Hollywood is constantly telling the rest of America that they are not enlightened like they are, it’s good to see Hollywood’s own arguments played back to them.  Enjoy elites!


19 Alligator

The family that hides a pet alligator for 40 years deserves our respect and worship! 


20 Marines Chess

This commercial penetrates through the recesses of my mind and I am transported back to a childhood when the world made a little more sense. 



21 Baby Pig

Piglets are cute!  I might give up bacon. 


22 Orcas

My speed boat bring all the boys to the yard.  And by speed boat, I do mean Orcas!  Other than the fear that one of the orcas might try to french kiss the propeller, this would be an amazing experience.  Hopefully it’s an inboard motor.


23 Heaven Boy

The boy who came back from heaven apparently didn’t.  His statement here says it all.  Remember that the next time someone claims to have come back from heaven.

“It is only through repentance of your sins and a belief in Jesus as the Son of God, who died for your sins (even though he committed none of his own) so that you can be forgiven may you learn of Heaven outside of what is written in the Bible…not by reading a work of man. I want the whole world to know that the Bible is sufficient. Those who market these materials must be called to repent and hold the Bible as enough.” He signs his letter “In Christ.”


24 View Over

Apparently the View is about to be cancelled.  I guess people really don’t watching brainless self-important people waxing idiotic in front of an obedient audience.  No, not the Daily Show.  Only Rosie O’Donnell could make Whoopi Goldberg look like the voice of reason. 


26 Baby Fruit Bat

Kind of creepy, but I think fruit bats are cute.  They are like Jack Russell Terriers with wings. 


27 Spike Lee

Hmmm, Spike buddy, maybe we should let people who have made a descent movie in the last 10 years speak on the discrimination in Hollywood.  It is still appropriate to discriminate against failure. 


28 Cop Taylor Swift

How embarrassing for this cop.  Blank Space is a way better song!


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