My Facebook Wall Posts 1/4 – 1/11


So one of my New Years Resolutions was to cut down on the amount of posts I share on my Facebook Wall.  These various things I would have shared if I wasn’t trying to curtail my posting habits.  This is my “would be” wall in the raw… with all the knee jerk thoughts and grammatical errors out the whazoo… Just like a real Facebook Wall!



White Privilege = Chris Cuomo


This is one of the drawbacks in using a phrase “Reverend” Jessie Jackson made popular for persons of color.  For the record, a friend of mine is considered African American and he is white.  His Dad is from South Africa.  This reminds me of the scene from Bruno where he said that his African baby is African American because it was racist to call him African American.  One might say that Chris Cuomo, the  reporter in question, sees black people as a monolithic group of people who are always American.  How racist and ethnocentric of him!



That’s Not a Good Idea… Stupid!

Fire Vine

Saw this and just laughed.  My roommate did something similar in that he had a pile of mulch and branches out in his back yard.  He called me outside with the phrase, “Hey, come watch this.”  This was I think day 3 or 4 of being his new roommate so I was under some obligation to bear witness to what would be just one of his many hijinks.  There was a “Swoosh and a flash” and then the fire department very rudely invited themselves over to our house for an impromptu chit chat about fire safety.  Luckily my roomie just got a warning.


Seal Feels Little Girl’s Pain

Concerned Seal

 I’m a sucker for animals.  Post anything on my wall about cute animals, I’ll repost it!  I am like Radagast the Brown on the Hobbit.  I freaking love animals.  This little seal was playing around with a little girl and, well, cuteness ensues.  I think animals know more than we give them credit for…


Skulls Made of Ice That Make My Cocktail Chilled?  What’s Not To Love?!


Saw this on  This is a need #ThisIsANeed.  Ever since I saw J.J Abrams Star Trek and noticed that in all the bar scenes, they use ice spheres.  Apparently in the future, we thought ice cubes were “squares” and went into another direction.  Ice spheres =  Advanced Civilizations.


Many Liberals Use Black Americans As Pawns… Beware!

Walter Williams

Walter E. Williams lambasts the left in their tendency to use black people for their cause.  The link is here.  Remember liberals, calling a black person the N-Word is still unacceptable even if you put the word “Conservative” N-Word.



Unlike Milkshakes, My Domestic Skills Don’t Bring Anyone To The Yard


I really want to be able to fold clothes well.  I’m also too lazy and impatient to learn.  Tell you what, you learn how to do it and come teach me in person.


A “XENOMORPH” … Bug Hunt.  What Exactly Are We Dealing With?


I am obsessed with Xenomorphs and all things Alien!  Apparently this was some work done by District 9 director Neill Blomkamp.  I am still waiting for a worthy Alien sequel.  Prometheus was okay but it kind of went into a weird direction.


North Korea Can Shut Down a Movie From Halfway Around the World Yet Can’t Feed Their Citizens… Makes Sense!



Finally the Obama Administration does something that I agree with.  Can we resurrect the habit of call North Korea an Evil Empire seeing as how they are stifling our freedom of speech?


Paul McCartney Says He Owes His Career To Kanye West

Kanye Paul

I am no Beatles expert, but the fact that kids don’t know who Paul McCartney is and, worse yet, how he is about to hit it big because of Kanye West?!  I am almost always against genocide and forced sterilizations.


Once Again, Macklemore Makes Everything About Himself And Wants Everyone To Know That He’s Down With The Struggle Too!


Macklemore goes out of his way to disassociate himself from those “other” whites and tell the world that he’s really trying to work out he can become a more important part in the never ending dialogue about race.

For me, as a white dude — as a white rapper — I’m like, how do I participate in this conversation? How do I participate? How do I get involved on a level where I’m not coopting the movement or I’m not making it about me, but also realizing the platform I have and the reach that I have, and doing it in an authentic and genuine way. Racism is uncomfortable to talk about. White people, we can just turn off the TV when we’re sick of talking about racism. We can be like, “Oops, I’m done.” It does not work that way for everybody, but that’s way we can do. White “liberal” people want to be nice. We don’t want to mess up. We don’t want to be racists. We want to be like, “We’re post-racial and we have a black president and we don’t need to talk about white privilege. It’s all good, right?” It’s not the case. 

The fact that he has to state for the record that he’s not trying to take over the movement or make it about him proves that in the back of his mind he could have such an effect on the movement.  White people preaching the evils of White Privilege are about ridding themselves of their own guilt and privilege and have little to no insight on how to heal racial grievances.


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