Jurassic World… The Park Will Soon Be Open

I am a Jurassic Park fan.  I know this because I saw Jurassic Park in the theaters 12 times.  Granted, this was back in 1993 when it was still relatively cheap to go see movies.  Plus, I was 13 years old so my Dad paid for most things.  Me being a Jurassic fanboy should come as no surprise to anyone that ever toy of choice back in the day.  My toy chest was home to Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Apatosaurs (Brontosaurus in my day), Brachiosaurus, and Diplodocus.  I watched the first and only Land Before Time movie dozens of times.  So, 21 years ago, when I saw the movie poster for Jurassic Park (An Adventure 65 Million Years in the Making) I was so excited.

Now the Jurassic story continues in the new trailer for Jurassic World.

Needless to say that I am hoping that this will make up for Jurassic Park 3.  Don’t get me wrong, I liked Jurassic Park 3 because it had awesome dinosaurs in it.  But the plot was too small.  If Jurassic Park was a graphic novel, Jurassic Park 3 was a short story in a 12th Grade literature book.

Here are some thoughts about Jurassic World.

 Let’s give a warm round of applause to the worst parents of 2015. 

JW 1

I’m so proud of you for going on this trip…


JW 2

Now I can get rid of you and your brother and your daddy and I can start over raising kids… and really get it right this time!

Jurassic World seems like a fully established theme park with some years of success.  Surely the history is well known by now that dinosaurs and children do not mix!  Now this mom is “proud” of her son going on this trip?  He’s not getting on a plane by himself to see Grandma Havisham in some dank mansion across the country, he and his brother are going to an island as hors d’oeuvres. Just ask these guys how much their grandpa Hammond had to pay in post traumatic stress counseling.


Hello Tourism

JW 3

Hawaii is like Starbucks in that they don’t really need to advertise to attract customers, but it is a sure thing that there will be some amazing shots of the Hawaiian landscape that will cause you to change your desktop image after the credits roll.

Upgraded gate security and the blue letters rock!

JW 4

With an upgrade comes better security measures.  I am sure it will be more difficult to override the locks and venture into the park with stolen embryos.


We actually get to enjoy the park longer this time.

JW 5


Look at these people enjoying the Gallimimus run!  The last time we saw this, it was under more strenuous circumstances 👇


Resurrected Rides at Universal Studios

JW 6


We get to see a scene from the Universal Jurassic Park Ride that has been torn down to make way for an expanded Harry Potter World.

Diplodocus gets his/her debut

JW 7


Judging from the back arch and the slender neck, I am hypothesizing that this is a Diplodocus or something related to it.  I freaking had this toy!

A nod to Jaws?

JW 8

Since Jurassic Park is Steven Spielberg’s baby, I can’t help but wonder if there is a nod to Bruce the Great White in this scene. I am also wondering how scientists got a hold of aquatic dinosaur blood.  Do mosquitos tend to feed off marine life?  Perhaps Jurassic mosquitos did.

Overly Ambitious Female Scientist

JW 9


The latter picture is the doctor in the movie, Deep Blue Sea.  She is responsible for genetically tampering with the Mako sharks to make their brains bigger.  “As a result, the sharks got smarter.”  Bryce Dallas Howard has made a hybrid dinosaur.  Great!  Only in the Underworld movies have hybrids actually been a net positive to the world.

Velociraptors Are Our Friends! (Potential Spoiler! Skip to avoid)

JW 11

If you did any research on this movie, you will find very quickly that Chris Pratt’s character has successfully tamed some Velociraptors.  This could be cheesy but it could also be awesome.  I think we Jurassic Park fans have wanted some kind of human-to-dinosaur connection for some time and we finally may have it.  Hopefully the raptors are tame in the same way that lions and tigers are tame in that they aren’t really “tamed” per-say, they are just more docile around some humans.  They are still very dangerous.

I am very excited about this movie and as more trailers are released, I will savor and analyze them.  I am not expecting this movie to be as groundbreaking or as profound as the first, but I am still awaiting for a good follow up to the original.  The Lost World came pretty close until the T-Rex stampeded through San Diego.  Jurassic Park 3, again, had a small plot and no one cared if they humans died.  What I am hoping for in Jurassic Word is a sense of nostalgia, state of the art special effects and human characters that actually add worth to the movie and are not mere props.  Star Lord looks like he might do it.



On June 12th, The Park Is Open



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