Nancy Pelosi, Refugee Border Children &the Baby Jesus…

Nancy Pelosi, Refugee Border Children & the Baby Jesus…


For those of you who don’t know, or have just stumbled upon this blog by mistake, Rep. Nancy Pelosi is an “ardent practicing Catholic” who happens to be pro-choice. Due to the recent border crisis, she said that the refugee children should be treated like the baby Jesus.

This post is NOT designed to start a fight between pro-life and pro-choice or Believers and Non-Believers. This is a post about using appropriate metaphors. We all use metaphors in life to better communicate with our fellow men and women. Therefore, if you are going to use a metaphor, it needs to be at least 90% consistent with the message you are trying to convey. This is more like observational humor.

Pelosi thinking that we should treat refugee children like the baby Jesus might sound like a noble sentiment, but there are severe implications to this notion that should be addressed if we are to take Pelosi even halfway serious.

– Pelosi is ferociously pro-choice, so if she wants to be consistent with her views, she needs to qualify her statement by saying, “We need to treat the refugee children that made it out of the womb like the baby Jesus.” I am assuming that if Mary decided she wanted to have a pre-historic abortion, Pelosi would be fine with that too.

– Since she is pro-choice and, by her statement, supports publicly funded contraception, she is inconsistent in her beliefs for failing to see that a country’s border is a “device” that “blocks” something that is not “necessarily wanted,” from entering into another territory. One might say that the borders are America’s condoms and birth control pills. And deporting these refugees is like using the “Morning After Pill.” By treating these refugee children like the baby Jesus, Pelosi is denying America’s access to birth control.

– Does she remember why the Baby Jesus had to flee for safety? King Herrod enacted back then what we call today forced late term abortions. This is something that China practices today.

– The Baby Jesus was showered with gifts from strangers. Pelosi translates this into using the public treasury taking care of these children. I am not aware of the Wise Men using the money of their fellow citizens to shower the Baby Jesus with gifts. I am pretty sure they stopped at a swanky convenience store along their pilgrimage to worship the Savior. If she wants to treat these refugee children like the Baby Jesus, then she will open her multi-million dollar purse and take care of them. You do not take moral credit from using someone else’s money to take care of the less fortunate.

Again, this post is not meant to start a fight or even an in depth discussion. It’s merely an observation that I noticed because I think Pelosi’s motives in cherry picking the Baby Jesus metaphor are really to dig at people who are against anti-illegal immigration. I mean, technically, “ardent practicing Catholics” are supposed to treat all of humanity like the Baby Jesus, not just props for political gain.


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