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I can’t help but think that I have aided in the creation of my image that I am only a political junkie.  I will take responsibility for that, to the extent I have posted incessantly about ideas that compete in political arena.  Oh well, this is the social media world that we live in now and everyone has an opinion.  For example, Steven Spielberg is under heavy criticism on Facebook.  What garnered this scorn from the public at large you say?  He he took a selfie with a defenseless animal he killed!



At first glance, this looks like a horrendous act of cruelty, but if one were to take a breath and think (Which is not a prerequisite for inter- social media chit chat.) one might remember back in pre-school that Ms. Teacher taught the overly stimulated children that the animal in question has been dead for some time.  Whether you are a hard core evolutionist or a dyed in the wool new earth fundamentalist, both have come to a consensus that the aforementioned Triceratops, sadly, is no longer is amongst us, save for museums and possibly a tacky hotel in Vegas.

The point is that what we see on social media is what we think and what we think shapes how we interpret the world.  Thus people see my posts and think that I am an unpaid political pundit.  While there might be some truth to that, I assure you that politics gets old from time to time and I really do have other interests.  I’ll prove it!

I had a conversation with someone at church today and I discovered that he is a soundtrack junkie like me.  From John Williams to Hans Zimmer, he was a fan and I was able to make a connection with someone.   For those that really know me, know I play things pretty close to the vest.  I do not really socialize with people I don’t especially know.  The drawback is that I miss out on some meaningful conversations.

He introduced me to:

Music Junkies:


Two Steps From Hell:



And I pleased to introduced him to Instrumental Core:



Soundtracks for me are one of the spices of my life.  They are extensions of the movies they accompany.  The two medium, score and film, go hand and hand.  By themselves, they are moving and powerful, but they are not complete.  But together, they tell a story that invigorates all the senses.  One such score that beautifully conveys what I speak of comes from this scene in Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.  It is the Battle of Pelennor Fields at the turn of a great battle.



As you may or may not know, the army charging on horseback is called the Rohirrim.  They are the riding army of the kingdom of Rohan.  They are coming to the aid of Gondor, their friends and allies. The army assaulting Gondor numbers into the hundreds of thousands.  The Rohirrim stand at a mere ten thousand.  The army knows that they will likely face death but not fighting and letting the enemy win is a fate worse than death.  So the Rohirrim muster their courage, chant “Death” and charge towards whatever fate has for them.

After you watch the clip, play it again, but this time close your eyes and listen.  The music will bring to your mind the images you just saw.  If you continue to listen to this piece over and over, other images might come to mind.  Listen to it enough, and you might just find yourself within the very story itself.   For me, this is a score that both motivates and excites me.  I cannot tell you how many times this piece has helped me exercise.  I have been able to run harder than I have before.

That is what music in general does for many people, but soundtracks, for me, tap into something primal.  They bring to mind the spirit in which score was created from.  This piece from The Return of the King, for me, has become the theme about facing impossible odds in the quest for justice.

From the same trilogy that has this ability to inspire such emotions of bravery and honor, also has the ability to set busy minds at ease.  This piece is from the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers soundtrack and is entitled Evenstar:


For me, this is one the greatest examples of relaxing music.  What I did was to find a piano version of this piece and I found it in the artist named Calikokat102 on YouTube.  What I did was lengthen the piece and put it to one of nature’s stress relievers; the rainstorm.


This is the end result that aids me in sleep at night.  I hope you enjoy it.  Give a shout out to Calikokat102 and to Howard Shore of the Lord of the Rings OST.



See, there is more to me than politics.  There is a song or a score for every part of life.  Don’t believe?  Try watching to a movie without a score behind it!  Now how do you go about doing that?  Take a look at this piece from the American movie classic Jaws.  Everyone knows the theme from Jaws.  I think even people who have not seen the movie know that this is the theme about a killer shark. Yet another testament to the power of music in movies.  Now take a gander at a pivotal scene from the movie without music.


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