Eryc Riddle, The Most Unique & Kind Person I Have Ever Met Part 2

Part 2 might be a little strong.  This is more like an after thought.  As I posted my goodbye to Eryc Riddle, I chose a picture of a sunset over water to represent the setting of Eryc’s life on this side of heaven.  I don’t know what you think, but I think that picture is stunning and breathtaking. I took it by the way (That’s a lie) But after I posted it, I looked at it some more and said, “Oh no, there are 2 geese on the water.  I know where this would have gone.” I do believe that a picture is worth a thousand words.  This is my little fiction.


The moment in my mind.

I hadn’t seen Eryc for years, but I was glad that we had spent some of the day fishing and did some catching up.  It was a miracle that I was fishing at all because I had not been fishing since my teens.  And, judging from the smirks and laughs I’ve been getting from Eryc, he is intensely aware of that fact as well.

I knew this would be a good way to connect with Eryc seeing as he was made for the outdoors.  I like the outdoors too.  I prefer the Spring or the Fall when the humidity has dissipated and the mosquitoes are less snarky.  I think fishing was about the only thing I could do that was outdoor related because I don’t hunt.  To quote a line from Ron White, “…I don’t hunt. And it has nothing to do with how I think it might somehow be more holy to eat meat that’s been bludgeoned to death by someone else, that’s not it. It’s really early in the morning, it’s really cold outside, and… I don’t wanna go.

After we had put up our gear to end the day, the sun began to set and we both took a moment to sit still on the boat and stare at the horizon.  I had only seen one sunset in my life and that was on the beaches of Santa Monica.  There’s a stillness and a silence that accompanies a sunset and it is almost deafening; though it does not hurt to listen to it. We simply stare off silently. A friend once told me that it was awesome how guys and spend time together and don’t necessarily have to talk all the time.  I imagine this is what it would be like with Eryc and I.

The moment was only interrupted by two geese landing gently onto water after what was probably a long journey.  I watched as they wet and cleaned their feathers.  They communicated with one another in a series of quacks that amused me.

Just as I thought this moment could not get anymore sentimental, the perfect scene in what could have been a cheesy Hallmark card was shattered by the sound of a gun blast.  Shocked and unnerved, I turned to see Eryc holding a shotgun.  I looked at him incredulously and he said, “What?!  You can’t pass opportunities like this!”  Now picture this Hallmark card with a beautiful sunset, calm waters, a clear sky and two geese destined for the fryer on it.  I said, “Dear God, Eryc, do you have to shoot EVERYTHING?  How did you get that gun onto the boat anyways?”  



How I think Eryc would have seen it.


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