The Not So Noble Evolution of Charlie Crist

In Politics, Not All Evolutional Advances Are Noble

This week, Charlie Crist announced that he left the Republicans because it is a party that is “anti-women, anti-immigrant, anti-minority, [and] anti-gay…” He went on to say that he feels, “liberated as a Democrat.” 


This led me to that not so clean feeling…


While Charlie Crist might be liberated as a Democrat, he is bound to his record and it is not something one would be proud of.

Exhibit A:


But hey Ted, can’t people change?  Are their opinions set in stone?  Absolutely they can change.  Look at President Obama’s not so heart felt change on gay marriage: 


Obama Marriage 1

Obama Marriage 1

Charlie Crist’s might say that he is liberated and that he has changed many of his positions, but the timeline suggests otherwise.  Also, if one is “liberated as a Democrat” then that means they were a Democrat all along.  #MeaningsOfWordsMatter

If you scroll back up, you will see that something momentous that happened in 2010.  I’ll save you the exertion; he lost his bid to run as a Republican for the United States Senate.  He then leaves the party, hoards the money he raised while running as a Republican, and loses the election as an Independent.   If anything changed his mind, it was a humiliating defeat which led to a temper tantrum-like reaction that is usually reserved for pre-teen a girl after  boyfriend of 2 weeks dumps her.   #HellHathNoFuryLikeSpinelessPoliticianScorned

Crist was in lockstep with the Republicans up until the Republicans voters saw fit to elect less Florida-Tanned Marco Rubio as their candidate.  If you sit and really think about Charlie Crist’s evolution since 2010, you should be able to come up with some very sad and extremely hilarious deductions:


The Republican Party is indeed a racist organization and Charlie Crist was simply putting up with his political comrades until he found a way out.  By the way, this is also the plot to the Julia Roberts movie, Sleeping with the Enemy.  


He was a Democrat all along and it took him losing an election to realize it.  This making him the recipient of the dumbest and worst self-reflective person in recent history.  


His core principles consisted of wet finger in the air, so when his party rejected him, he simply jumped ship to what he perceived as the winning side.  Waiting for the highest political bidder is more of akin to prostitution.  In case you’re interested, this is story of college football coach Urban Meyer.


Regardless of Crist says today, his record dooms him from making any legitimate observations about the party he left.  If my political persuasion were left of center, I would not welcome this man into my ranks.  If he was not willing to make a stand for his real convictions when it counted, I would not have the confidence that he would do so in the future.  This like a kid who jumps into a mosh pit just as the music fades and the crowd starts to dissipate.  If the Democrats had any pride what so ever, they would use him as a prop for their cause but, at the end of the day, treat him as if he were an employee in the oldest profession on Earth (No, not agriculture!), pay him what he wants, and escort him out into the alley where no one can see him.  Oh, and he can only be photographed with Vice President Joe Biden, not President Obama.

Liberals, you now have this man in your ranks.  Just know that you have an ideological comrade who came to your way of thinking via political expediency.  If that is what you want, that is what you will get.  Treat with caution Democrats!  At least Julia Roberts in the movie, Pretty Woman, had a “I don’t kiss on the mouth” standard.  According to Charlie Crist’s past record, he will do anything…



*** I will be cutting a check to Julia Roberts for the mentions. ***


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