Obama is Jesus Christ… I Freaking Knew It!

Move over Jesus, because President Barack Obama can rise from the dead too.


It being Easter season, everyone is posting something about the resurrection of Jesus. Some are good, some are cheesy and some are disturbing. Listen, people of the Philippians, nothing in Scripture requires you to re-enact the Crucifixion. The purpose of the Cross was that you through Faith, you don’t have to face the judgment of your sin. So nailing your hands and feet to a cross made of nice pressure treated wood from the Home Depot is not really necessary.

A post came across my wall feed that I thought need pontification and ranting.



Joining the “Tom Joyner Morning Show,” Mr. Sharpton said that his message for this Easter is that “no matter what the world may do to you unfairly, no matter how you’re crucified — nailed to the cross at home, or in your personal relationships, or on the job — that you can rise if you don’t lose yourself during the hard times and the challenges.”

I do declare, Mr. Obama

I do declare, Mr. Obama!

The reverend went on to say that Christ endured so much humiliation and unearned suffering leading up to his death, “because he knew he could rise.”

“As I looked to President Obama at our convention last Friday, with all he took, he’s been able to rise politically again,” he concluded. “I’m not comparing him to Jesus, but I am saying that to every crucifixion there is a resurrection for those that believe.”

To be balanced, I once saw a movie trailer for a documentary about George W. Bush.  No, not the one where he was assassinated but the one that was highlighted his Christian faith.  The creator of the documentary knew Bush was a different candidate back then when Bush was asked something to the effect of who has influenced his life the most.  Bush answered, “Christ… because he changed my heart.”   This was the focal point of the documentary and even back then in my Bush fan boy days (Before the fiscal irresponsibility and the Iraq War mismanagement) I was not comfortable with the sole emphasis on his Faith.

George W. Bush

This is the main reason why I uncomfortable when politicians run on their faith because it neglects the most fundamental question, “Are you qualified to be president?”  Does being a strong Christian automatically mean that you would do a good job as president?  One word; Jimmy Carter.   Just remember that a major reason why we have such conflict with Iran today was because Carter, at the time, allowed Mohammad Reza Pahlavi to be overthrown.  Now, Pahlavi was not saint but in geopolitical politics, you must be mindful that in replacing a thug you don’t accidently shoehorn in a tyrant.  Pahlavi’s replacement was Ruhollah Khomeini and Iran has been a bastion for freedom and tolerance (#SarcasmFont).


Going back to Al Sharpton’s sermon about the true mean of Easter- President Obama being persecuted by his meanie critics.  To start, when President Obama suffers from as much hatred and vitriol as President Bush did, then I will be concerned.

“As I looked to President Obama at our convention last Friday, with all he took, he’s been able to rise politically again… I’m not comparing him to Jesus, but I am saying that to every crucifixion there is a resurrection for those that believe.”

This is the folly that many people stumble into when they make gods out of their political leaders.  The ultimate purpose of government is to protect the God-given, (Or Natural) rights of the citizen… that’s it!  They are not their to make you feel good or to hold your hand through the tough times.  For one thing, your social supports should not be voted in without term limits.

The one thing that puzzles me about the American people during the Obama Administration is that they mostly disagree with Obama and his policies (ObamaCare has never had the luxury of majority support) but they like him personally.  They feel like he cares for them.  This is a dangerous time for our political dialogue for as long as a politician maintains the appearance of benevolence; he or she cannot be held accountable for the failures of their policies.

Thomas Sowell once said,It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.”

As long as Obama cares, we cut him extra slack.  Does this not sound like an abused wife on a Lifetime made for T.V movie?!  (#IKnowWhatIAmWatchingSundayMorning).

When you make your leaders your functioning god, bad things will inevitably occur.  When you compare Obama’s persecution with the burden of taking the brunt of God’s judgment and wrath like Christ did, I can’t help but think of the beloved game of One of These Things is not Like the Other.  Take Jesus, Abraham Lincoln and President Obama, President Bush Jr. and President Clinton and see which person has had the least amount of persecution.  I would advise against playing the game of which figure was accused of rape.

When you deify your leaders, you will eventually say really stupid things.  But remember, if President Obama can rise above his problems, so can you.  Isn’t that what Easter is all about.


This is not a parody. An Obama supporter painted this and was serious…


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