Racism & Pounding the Table

From by political buddy, Michael Hausam

Watch George Will Perfectly Diagnose The Constant Liberal Cry of ‘Racist!’


On Fox News Sunday, George Will hit the ball hard in response to Chris Wallace’s question:



Wallace: Why is it that if you oppose their position and you’re white, you’re branded a racist?


Will: Look, liberalism has a kind of Tourette’s Syndrome these days. It’s just constantly saying the word racism and racist.


It’s an old saying in the law that if you have the law on your side, argue the law; if you have the facts on your side, argue the facts. And if you have neither, pound the table.

The context of the discussion: the two blatantly outrageous statements about Republicans this week, one from Hank Aaron which compared the Republicans to the KKK, and the other from Democratic Congressional Committee Chairman Steve Israel who said that a significant part of the Republican base is racist.

The reality is that Will is exactly correct. Most of the country hates Obamacare, foreign policy under this administration is a joke, and the economy is down the drain; so the left has to resort to ad homonym attacks and anything other than discussing issues. And a cry of ‘racist!’ is what they’ve chosen, over and over again.


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