Violent Men Guard Peaceful Sleepers


I came across this video this evening and had a range of thoughts going through my mind. I think this fully embodies the phrase, “People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” — George Orwell.  I am a huge proponent of free speech.  I think all speech should be allowed, of course that doesn’t mean all speech is necessarily worth listening.


I think that these clowns have every right to hang the flag upside down because nothing screams predictable hipster and edginess like buying a $30.00 flag from Wal-Mart only to burn it.  As I look at this video, I am remind out how utterly out of shape I am.  The dude in the green shirt nearly ran those two down.  It probably helped that the getaway vehicle looked like what hippies ride to class in on a campus that’s barely a mile wide in circumference.


Needless to say, I don’t agree with these Marines running these guys down, however, I am also a proponent of adaptability and survival skills.  Nothing says, “I want to die” like waving an upside down flag in front of some passionate and still in-shape Marines.  I do not know the background of these guys, and this video could be totally bogus for all I know, but I would find it difficult to exercise restraint if, after I had bullets shot at my head and watched my brothers die, I stumble across some dopes disrespecting the symbol of my country.

If I were a judge and these guys would have given the beating I think these twerps deserve, I would have to give them community service and probation… after I buy them dinner.


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