Race Wars: Episode 2,123,342,235,523 – The Revenge of the Offended

I used to want Christmas year round but I will gladly settle for racial controversies in the media. The latest outrage comes in the form of #CancelColbert movement trending on Twitter. You know, you can always judge the sincerity of outrage if its origins come from the primordial sludge of Twitter. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love social media. Where else can rant and re-Tweet right wing politics and cute pictures of animals that I want but don’t have the mental energy to raise. Does anyone know what happened to Kony2012? I think the only people that benefited from that movement was the company that made the Kony2012 paraphernalia. What does victory look like for Kony2012?

But the latest gem in the racial struggle comes in the form of The Offended versus the brain trust at the Colbert Report…Show.

Read and learn:
According to this TIME article, the context of the this Tweet came from this segment on the Colbert Report:



From what we have been led to believe, @suey_park started the dialogue with the following:


Not being satisfied, two minutes later she Tweeted the following:




I do not make a regular habit of watching the funnier Jon Stewart, but am unable to believe that Asians cannot be the only racial group that Colbert has parodied. Less funny Colbert has made fun of Herman Cain. Like him or not, last time I checked, Herman is a black man.

“Do you want to see my “New York” voice? My “Chinese guy” voice?

The point is if Suey Park’s outrage is balanced on all form of racial parodies, then I’ll concede and write another blog about I totally disagree with her authority to redefine what is funny.

And if racist jokes come from racism, is she willing to wage a campaign against the racial jokes of Louis C.K, Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock? Or is Stephen Colbert a safe and easy target?


Will she then go after Maragaret Cho’s impression of her mother?



If Park’s response is that Cho can make these jokes because she is Asian, then Park is admitting that she wants fight against racism by categorizing people into groups by their race and assign to each group which jokes are allowed by which race.

By the way, if Cho can do skits like this because she is Asian, then are only Asians allowed to laugh at these impressions? Surely there are some white folks in the audience that are laughing.  Are they to suppress their instinct to laugh because their race disqualifies them from doing so?

On the more balanced side of the equation, Park is brave enough to call out white liberals and their belief that since they possess the current accepted beliefs about society, they are free to make any kind of racial joke they want because, you know, we know by their political and social philosophy that they are not racists.


What’s amusing is being able to see that the politically correct movement is starting to eat itself out of existence.  The only problem with that is that it will take all of society down with it to where we all are walking on eggshells in fear of joking about anything.  I don’t know if you know this, but if we have gotten to the point where Hashtag Activists are starting to come after comedians, then we better get used to redneck jokes because that is only group that is going to be left to poke fun at.  Then we’ll have a group of Bill Maher-like comedians who think they are edgy.  Just kill me now!


I’ll leave you with this clip from Dennis Miller about speech.  Now before you right him off as a right wing apologist, this was in 2002 when you still liked him.



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