The Gods Bill Maher Follows…

On the basis of infrequent and casual observation, I have noticed this behavioral tendency from Bill Maher when certain guests are on his show.  There is not doubt in my mind that Bill Maher hates religion while simultaneously  talking about God more than the various believers he ridicules.  But his rhetoric is amped up a bit when certain guests come on his show.  Watch this clip and do NOT roll your eyes:

Right off the bat, I see that Seth Macfarlane and Salman Rushie are his guests.  Rushdie is someone I admire because, unlike most POP-Atheists, he has actually had to pay a price for his unbelief.  Seth Macfarlane, Pop Atheist who rails against rich people and wants to help the poor with someone else’s money.  Maher, like Macfarlane,  is one of those Atheists whose unbelief gets stronger when he’s around smarter Atheists.  Think of the Sankara Stones in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

I base this theory (Yes, it’s just a theory) on a couple of guest appearances by Christopher Hitchens on Real Time.  Christopher Hitchens is a personal hero of mine because of his brave fight for Religious/Non-Religious Liberty.  He has actually gone into hostile territory to do battle intellectually with Islamic Fascists. Bill Maher, well, he’s mostly thrown verbal grenades from the safety of his HBO Studio (I.E- the 1%).   Hitchens was always someone that was an Atheist who did not seek the approval of others.  He had just as many disagreements with believers as he had with non-believers.  But Hitchens was a Titan in and of himself, which Bill Maher knew and would shamelessly suck up to him.

It is my belief that when someone stumbles across someone else who is their better (Intellectually, Spiritually, Popularity, Athletically, etc) they become starstruck and want to warm themselves in the light of their glory and affirmations (You should see me around anyone remotely famous).  All humans do this.  Watch a Christian’s demeanor in the presence of his/her theological hero.

While Maher mocks believers and their devotion to their made up God(s) it’s funny to watch him become uncomfortable when he is in fundamental disagreement with someone he knows is smarter than he and will change the subject quickly so that he is back in the good graces of his gods.   Case in point:

{Watching Bill Maher pick up Hitchen’s hand giddily claiming to be with him!}

If there is nothing new under the sun, then this goes to show that you do not have to be a believer to exhibit religious devotion to someone.  Remember this when Bill Maher goes on a RARE but biting diatribe against religion.  Also remember, when Bill Maher needs comfort, his gods are just a phone call away.

For the record, I do not watch his show, Real Time, because I prefer Bill Maher back in the 90’s (Politically Incorrect) when he was reasonable, funny and when he thought he was a Libertarian.


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