The Coca~ Cola Commercial Was a Rorschach Test

Part Whatever In the Series Off That Coca~Cola Superbowl Commercial


The infamous Coca~Cola Commerical that caused the social media-sphere to erupt in an fluster cluck of opinions was a Rorschach test for viewers (BAM! Get that title mention!).  Based on their own mindsets and prejudices, I think people saw that they wanted to see in the commercial.  Oddly enough, that’s how all of us interpret the world whether you would admit to it or not.

Based on the reactions, I believe have come up with a couple of categories that represent the microcosm of our fellow Americans that accurately houses the various opinions.  This list is by no means an exhaustive list nor can it accurately define people.  It’s simply a way to establish a mental shortcut in order to make some basic preliminary assumptions and test them out in real life.

The first group consist of people with a mentality of American Dominance.  Here are some of the basic characteristics:

  •  Arrogance
  •  All citizens must speak English Only
  •  Total Assimilation to American Culture
  •  Ethnocentrism (Learned that in Sociology 101 class)
  •  When traveling abroad they expect foreigners in their foreign homeland to speak English.  
  •  Assumes all other cultures are inferior 


The next group consists of people with a belief of American Exceptionalism. This belief shares some of the cosmetics of the American Dominance crowd, but under mild observation, are vastly different.

  • Humility  
  • Welcomes multi-lingual citizens but expects them adopt the English language for community and commerce purposes
  • Adopts the American Melting Pot Culture.  They expect all citizens to add to their cultural and ethnical distinctiveness the basic America principles of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
  • Welcoming to foreign cultures without denigrating their own.
  • When traveling abroad they take the initiative of learning other languages.
  • Will object to certain aspects of cultures that are in direct conflict with their principle culture.    


The third group house the MultiCULTuralists.  This group is almost the carbon copy opposite of the American Dominatrices.

  • Arrogance
  • All American citizens should be multilingual.
  • Most cultures are superior to American culture
  • Will not criticize other cultures that are in direct conflict with their basic principles
  • Possesses enough information of other cultures to be the most informed person amongst their peers but not enough conviction to adopt those cultures.
  • Thinks Americans should learn other languages have no desire to learn themselves.  


The last group are the American Neutrals.  They possess a fairly balanced in that no culture is any better than the other.  They aren’t hip to American culture but they don’t idolize any others. They may be well-versed in other cultures or they might the totally ignorant of other cultures.

  • Humility
  • Speak how ever you want in America
  • Cultures are somewhat relative.
  • Will criticize injustices in other cultures.  
  • May or may not possess vast amounts of knowledge about other cultures.


As stated beforehand, this is by no means an exhaustive list of features, nor are most people this strictly defined.  C.S Lewis once stated that one cannot really study people.  You have to get to know them. These are observations sampled from personal experiences in the community, from college and the workforce and from the opinions of people much smarter and wiser (More wise?) than I.  The most profound truth about these 4 categories is that if you would combine all them together, you would come with an entire person.  Whether we want to admit it or not, we have stereotypes about certain people, certain ethnicities and  other ideologies.  You can meet the most tolerant person in the world but if you got to know that person, you would easily stumble across some ethnocentric attitudes.  The purpose of these categories is to highlight which group does any one particular person consistently find themselves apart of.  Yes you may, for example, stray from the pack and order some exotic flavor of frozen yogurt at one of your many “one-of-a-kind” yogurt conglomerates but for the most part, your receipts would read that you mostly ordered vanilla.

This understanding will be vital in the postings to come about Coca~Cola and American Exceptionalism.


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