Audio/Video… Yeah I’m a Little Weird… Here’s Why

I am a weird person.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am a weird person.  There is an aspect of me that I am going to try to explain.  I was reading a book lately, and the point of writing is to be understood.  Well, this is what I hope to do in this latest rant.

First things first: Have you ever said, “That reminds of that scene in (Place Your Movie Reference Here)” to try and add a twist or better explain something.  For example, if you had a just had a nasty case of the Hersey Squirts and had a traumatic experience on the commode, you might say, “Man, I just got out of the bathroom and… you know that scene in Dumber and Dumber where Harry, after drinking a beverage spiked with laxative, has to use the bathroom really bad?!  Yeah, it was like that.”  <— In blog form, you would read that sentence and click on the underlined link.  That would give you a video/audio representation to enhance the story I am trying to make.

Well, this is how I think on a regular basis.  During random conversation, anything said can instantly be referenced to a movie or some random sound effect.

For example, take this clip:

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 5.57.41 PM51-Free-Cursor-Hand-Clipart-Illustration


Immediately you are thinking what the heck is wrong with this lady.  Well, my mind goes to this clip from this movie:


Or take this clip about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s testimony over the Benghazi controversy.


One could say she sounds very whiny and crotchety.  Well, I am reminded of this clip:


Or take for example the collapse of Obamacare.  My feelings here —>


If a moment or thought could be enhanced by a video clip or a sound effect, you can know for sure that my mind is already thinking it.  I think this is a mixture of the providence of God and my time spent watching movies and listening to sound effects.

Back in the day, my step-mom got a laptop for work.  It weighed about a 1,000 pounds and I think my brother and I ruined it by installing Star Wars Dark Forces on it.  But I remember finding the sound recorder and my obsession began.  I have a 9 Gigabyte sound library dating back to the early 2000’s.

So, if you now you know.  Not that you were wondering, but if you find yourself in conversation with me and my eyes drift for a second, you’ll know what I am possibly thinking.  You might not get it but at least you will somewhat understand where I am coming from.


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