Is Bieber More of a Thug Than Sherman?!?! Yes AND No

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Since I live such exciting life, I have been watching with enthusiasm the carefully choreographed demise of Justin Bieber.  Just I am certain that the Lord knows the number of hairs that are on your head, I am certain that there has been nothing that has transgressed in this little incident that Team Bieber has not been in complete control.


Someone who rents a Lamborghini (And doesn’t buy one) and accelerates to break neck speeds of 60 miles an hour (Something that my grandfather did on occasion) and is charged with resistance with nonviolence surely is manufacturing their own run in with the law in hopes of garnering street cred.  I am not wishing for Bieber’s death but how is this guy alive and Paul Walker is dead?

Then this picture is shot across the bow on my Facebook Feed and I made me think.  I told you I had an exciting life.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 3.23.22 PM 

Richard Sherman has been accused of being/acting like a thug though his list of academic accomplishments and lack of a police record suggests otherwise.

Richard ShermanSherman’s speech proclaiming himself to be the best there is at what he does is, at worst, arrogant, and at best; the most entertaining and honest media interview I’ve seen in the past decade.  ***  For me personally, I think his behavior is more along the lines of professional wrestler or boxer.

dark_n11When compared to Justin Bieber’s behavior, we are led into a mental and semantic tango meant to shine a police officer’s maglite on our prejudices.  I am in total agreement that people who would slap the label thug on Sherman without much thought COULD have some prejudicial (#notsureofthatword) inclinations.  But lets take another look.

I think what people, perhaps many white people, see in this video is a black man (Accurate) with dreadlocks (Accurate again, #progress) and yelling (Because he’s excited and the crowd is loud).  His natural tone of voice is rough and aggressive when he yells.  To me, he sounds a little bit like a mixture of the singing voice of Ja Rule and the voice of Busta Rhymes.  These two are connected to the hip hop culture which presents itself, at times, as the embodiment of THUG LIFE.  For the record, I don’t think Ja Rule and to some extent Busta are actual THUGS.




 1. A cutthroat or ruffian; a hoodlum.

2. also Thug One of a band of professional assassins formerly active in northern India who worshiped Kali and offered their victims to her.

 In the spirit of amusement, I prefer the second definition of THUG which makes Sherman a servant of the evil Mola Ram from the Temple of Doom.  Which means Sherman will meet his demise in the jaws of some ravenous alligators (Which, might I add, do not exist in India! Take that Spielberg and Lucas).

hB0EEB9C4 Sherman’s demeanor could resemble someone who is a THUG but that’s more of a personal opinion.  Someone whose only interaction with black people is through the TV might well possess prejudiced thinking in that THUG and black people are interchangeable.

 I take issue with the notion that someone with a 3.9 GPA could not possibly exhibit thuggish behavior.  To make that statement is itself a form of prejudice which implies that only those with low or nonexistent GPA’s can be thugs.

But the reason, I think, people are more likely to label Sherman a thug and not Bieber is because anyone with half a brain realizes that what Bieber did might have the characteristics of a thug, be he himself is NOT a thug.  People past the age of puberty, in general, respect Sherman more than Bieber.  At least I do.

To call Bieber a thug proves that one does NOT know what a thug is and that one would so ferociously insult thugs by lumping Bieber into the category thug shows the inner viciousness of your heart.  Not really, but it’s just silly.

 The reason Bieber is not stuck with the label thug is the same reason that Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton are not labeled a thug… they are all spoiled womanish spoiled brats judging from their behavior.

176669-lindsay-lohan-mugshot paris-hilton-mugshot

Bieber being spared the thug label is out of respect for thugs!  It’s the same reason we don’t call screaming children in doctors’ offices thugs.  We call them recipients for Haldol.


Though thuggery is not a virtue, it at least has some level of respect.

 I for one don’t think Sherman is a thug nor his interview a sign of thuggish behavior.  His attempt to link THUG to the N-Word has however, made me root for the Broncos.  I would not call Sherman a thug but his attempt to inject race into the fray is behavior of a race baiting.  That’s just my opinion, but I am probably not wrong.


*** Not sure those are the appropriate placements for semi-colons but I was tired, of commas.


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