Hollywood, That Soapbox Can’t Support Your Weight

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I have not seen Wall Street and no one went and saw the sequel. I have been warned not to watch The Wolf of Wall Street due to several scenes in which you normally have to have visit a seedy motel known for its hourly rates and meth connections to watch.

Needless to say, when I saw the preview of this movie, I could not help but roll my eyes.  Yes, I am painfully aware that the story is based off the real life character Jordan Belfort.  And yes, I am moderately familiar with all of his exploits.


But the party scenes I have seen and the rumored cocaine being sorted off organic surfaces, I was hard pressed to find the point of the movie.  Never put it past Hollywood to toot its own horn and stand up against the narrative that Wall Street is the Death Star and that capitalism is a blight on the Earth.

Wall Street might in fact represent the Galactic Empire and yes, there is an argument against unfettered capitalism, but you as an independent thinker must realize that Hollywood is not the entity to educate you on the dangers of excessive living and corruption.

In fact, take “Wall Street” out of the title and replace it with “Hollywood” and you would looking at the front page on TMZ.com.  Nothing portrayed in this movie is any different than the debauchery you read about whenever the Grotto needs an extra couple of gallons of chlorine to halt the spread of the anti-biotic resistant bacteria that infest it.

 If Hollywood wants to preach to us about the evils of greed, then perhaps it can do it on its own dime.



 The next time you watch another movie, remember that Hollywood should entertain you but never inform you.  It does not have the moral authority to teach you much of anything.


 *** This has nothing to do with the plot or the acting capabilities of any of the actors and actresses.  I am merely criticizing Hollywood’s soap box.


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