The God of Race

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071811-National-Michael-Eric-DysonI was in the bath the other day scanning through my various You Tube recommendations on this thing called the inter-web and after viewing numerous videos of cute puppies and Opie and Anthony clips, I stumbled upon a video clip of Eric Michael Dyson yelling at a white person for exercising his white privilege. For those of you that aren’t political junkies like me, Eric Michael Dyson is to race invective as Margie/Fred Phelps is to anti-homosexual hysteria.

In this video clip from the now debunked Martin Bashir Show, there was a discussion about the Affordable Care Act and the three guests were debating the notions of repealing the law versus reforming it and how conservatives need to be more articulate in their alternative plan for Obamacare. For a couple of minutes you hear words like, “Opposition… Congress… Immigration Reform… Bipartisan… Marco Rubio… Obamacare roll out.. the American people… Democracy… “

Newsweek-Oprah1-225x300Then Marin Bashir brings Eric Michael Dyson into the conversation to discuss Republicans’ opposition to Obamacare and in 37 seconds time, Dyson, quoting the great political philosopher of our time and current brainchild of the OWN Network Oprah Winfrey, injects racism as the culprit in the current underpinnings behind Republicans’ opposition to Obama.

One of the guests on the show, white interloper Matt Lewis from the Daily Caller, interrupted Dyson and criticized him for injecting race into the subject and how Dyson cannot talk about any given subject without shoehorning race into the discussion.


For the record, when grown ups are discussing political matters, nothing heightens the atmosphere of discourse than a quote from Oprah Winfrey.

If you are a fan of the Racial Grievance Industry like I am, than you are familiar with Dyson as one of its most prominent foot soldiers. Take for instance this video clip back when Obamacare was being scrutinized by the Supreme Court…

Again, here we have a panel of mature adults debating the Constitutional merits of a the Affordable Care Act and like Jerry Falwell getting butterflies in his stomach over a purple Telletubby, Dyson throws a penalty flag on imaginary racism. In giving Dyson the benefit of the doubt, I found the transcript of that episode and tried to see if he was referring to an earlier point of racial tension that he made.

George Will stated his opinion and used words like “Supreme Court…unelected people…60 votes…Senate…Justice Department… unprecedented… habeas corpus… Guantanamo Bay… War on Terror… the…”

Dyson responded with a valid argument about judicial activism but then appears to run out of material to talk about and veered into the subject that he cannot let go of…racism.

What was more striking than Dyson’s latest rant on the horrors of racism was how George Will dressed him down like a CEO debating an Occupy Wall Street protestor.

vlcsnap-2013-12-15-20h10m38s11George Will Said, “But regardless of his skin pigmentation, what he said was factually, demonstrably false. He said something would be unprecedented that has many precedents, probably thousands since 1803.”

Dyson tries to cover his tracks by saying, “That I don’t have a problem with. I’m talking about the overall response to him and the picking apart and the refusal to concede legitimacy of difference. Not to point out where you would disagree with him. I think that’s powerful.”

The discussion was centered on the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act and Dyson, having insufficient original source material, has to course correct off subject to discuss a point no one was talking about.

Peggy Noonan furthers the intellectual assault on Dyson by addressing vlcsnap-2013-12-15-20h10m45s82not Obama’s skin color, but his words (#ContentofCharacter). She replied, “Can I say this — the president is known as an extremely bright man. He was an instructor of constitutional law. For him to say something so deeply incorrect and almost unknowing about the — the purpose of the Supreme Court seemed provocative. At the very least sloppy and what the heck is he doing? But at the most, provocative. A real brush back. A real, I’m going to go to war with the court.”

Back to the present, these video clips had been playing in my head and I was really amused at how obsessed Eric Michael Dyson is with the subject of racism and how it is almost a religious-like zeal. This brought to mind what Shelby Steele said about the Religion of Racism and how this religion is a way of life for the Racial Grievance Industry.

I then questioned if Dyson’s God was racial identity. As a believer, I constantly struggle with idols that stand against God. If one is an unbeliever, you still wrestle petty idols that compete for your attention. But then I chastised myself for trying to read into what is in Eric Michael Dyson’s heart. I do not like it when people who do not know or care about me do try to read the intentions of my heart, so I should not do it to Dyson. But the words “Racial Identity” “Racism” “Religion” “God” would not leave me my mind. So finally I put them all together into something that I think parodies the notion well…

Eric Michael Dyson

God of Race



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