The Saga of Syria… Episode !

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pw_sign_14You know, one good thing about this fuster cluck with Syria is that the Left (Mainstream Democrats and some far left liberals) is having to burn the footage of them condemning the war in Iraq. I tell ya, when I hear from liberals that we have to intervene in Syria because President Bashar Hafez al-Assad used chemical weapons on his own people, I am transported back to my days as a third year sophomore waxing idiotic with the writers on the Op-Ed page of the Red & Black (Back when I used the Red & Black for more than just toilet paper).  

Look, this is one big mess, and though I am an Operation Iraqi Freedom supporter to this day, I am not sure I really want to get involved in another conflict unless we plan to do ALL that is necessary and not worry about hurting the international communities’ feelings. I will be following this conflict obsessively and I will upload my thoughts on the matter.  

For those who know me, I might have some viewpoints that might surprise you. I am not totally against the intervention in Syria and I do not totally disagree with President Obama’s position. My main beef is with the mainstream Democratic Party and some of the people on the anti-war left.  

red-hands-john-kerryOne thing about people like Madea Benjamin, she is an equal opportunity loon and she opposes war no matter who occupies the White House. Oddly enough, she seems very comfortable protesting in the air conditioned confines of assadthe Senate Foreign Relations Committee, but doesn’t have the energy to fly to Syria and thrust her bloody hands in front of Assad while he is in the middle of a “I didn’t do it” presser.

So stay tuned for further rants…

UK & Reid

OBama Voting Present Syria


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