You Know What Really Gears My Grinds?!?! Part 1

For those who really know me, know me as someone who only lends an opinion to any thought that comes across my mind or line of sight. If anyone were to meet anyone on my father’s side of the family, they would know that this is mostly an inherited “gift.” One past time my aunt and I share was when I would break out the ole yearbook and poke fun at the less aesthetically pleasing school folk. I realize that most people are annoyed at someone who so freely share their opinions about life at any given moment so I try to rectify this annoyance with a little humor.

The following rant are thoughts that I have either thought of in the past and never bothered to put down on paper (or in this case digital paper) or stuff I am thinking up right now. I know, exciting stuff isn’t it?  But I am planning on writing a bombshell of a piece on the recent murder of Dr. George Tiller, the Pro-Choice/Death and Pro-Life/Anti-Fetal Brain sucking movement. And, I plan on dropping some quotes from Ann Coulter in hopes of luring liberals and closet moderates (who actually are either liberals or spineless humorless drones) into a feral rage and eventually spasm so much that their spines crack under pressure because they have wandered so far from the point of discussion by attacking a figure-head like Ann Coulter.

Any who, here is what really Gears My Grinds:

twitter_logoTwitter– It is a known fact the the lives of the people on Twitter are a great exaggeration in 150 characters or less. People should stick to the regular stalk site, Facebook.

susan-sarandonHollywood Liberals– Never in your life will you see people who possess all the luxuries and excesses of life (multiple sex partners, VIP preferences to concerts, events, drugs, etc) preach to the pheasants about their lifestyle choices… BUT GO SEE MY MOVIE!!!


The Green Movement– I was sold by the evils of pollution when it was taught to me by Captain Planet, not unwashed/unshaven hippies and rich former Vice Presidents who failed to win elections. The Green movement’s most faithful followers would have us live in grass huts and take down the corporations if they held any kind of elected power. The irony is that they must lie and delude themselves to the point of back tumors in order to convince themselves and others that the Green Corporation is the only corporation that is void of all greed and evil.

2298056355_8c4e54530aGreen Light Bulbs– They contain mercury… I’ll stick with Global Warming light bulbs.

1226486752Green Energy– Keep it away from the government subsidies and me UNTIL it both WORKS and is AFFORDABLE.


Class Warfare– I don’t like poor people when I am suppose to favor them over the rich. I personally try not to favor anyone which means that discrimination is kept to a minimum. One group does not hold any more sanctity over the other. It appears the mindset is to keep the poor as poor as possible so that they don’t become rich, or at least self-sufficient.


New King James Only Folks– These people suffer from full body dry heaves when you tell them that the Bible was originally written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. Dan Brown had it wrong about the crazy conspiracies of the Catholics; he should have written about the King James crowd.

Angels-and-Demons-1786Anti-Catholic Christians– While I’ll admit that the Catholics have some zany theocratic leanings, I have to afford them the same flexibility towards our own zany Protestant theocratic leanings as well. I can’t reconcile a woman on TBN with two pounds of cake makeup and a haircut that would make medieval British Monarchies jealous with a modest nun on the Catholic channel. And don’t bother bringing up the slaughter record of the Catholics… I think we Christians are about even on the killing fields of innocent people.

swastika-bangonWhite Supremacy– Yes, I know they are the only group that’s 100% politically correct to make fun of and hate but I hate them on based on the Harry Potter/Pure Blood/Mud Blood/Half Blood dilemma. I take pride in being a true Half Blood.

Arlen_Specter,_official_Senate_photo_portraitModerates- To be further ironed out later but being Moderate politically is about is solid as bowl movements after a bout with Taco Bell. This lable seems to be the safe haven for people who do not like political confrontation (Or ANY confrontation for that matter) or hurt feelings. These people tend to be morphed and molded by the political winds which is why Presidential candidates have to contort themselves into odd positions (Both metaphorically and literally) on any given issue to win over the spineless. Being moderate does not mean you hold various positions on various issues… that means you are an Independent and being an Independent, like a Liberal or a Conservative, means you have actually have to stick your neck out and stand up for something and defend your position when an opposing point of view comes along. And having set political position means that YOU have the power to choose the best politician to serve the people. Being a wimpy Moderate is almost like being in a relationship a over powering/domineering husband: you hate being treated the way you do but you figure what he decides will be best. DISCLAIMER: There is no correlation between labels and level of passion about discussing political issues. There are plenty of liberals, conservatives and independents who hate talking about politics which is FINE!

Rob_ZombieRob Zombie– He has yet to make a decent movie. House of a 1,000 Corpses was a rip off of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the remake of Halloween seems like it was made by an angry 30 year old Goth Brat who still has huge trace amounts of anger at “the Man” which is psuedo Freudian for parents.

That’s it for now…


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