Dissent & Patriotism


You have heard it said as I have, that dissent is the highest form of patriotism.  I know for a fact that you have because that is the only tired phrase we heard for the past eight years of the Bush/Hitler Administration.  If you are an activist liberal, a worker’s progressive foot soldier or a trust-funded college student you probably pride yourself in holding this position.  If you happen to be a traditional person, you probably take great joy in watching brainwashed “dissidents” (I.E- Audiences of Jon Stewart’s and Bill Maher’s shows) violently convulse themselves in regurgitating anti-war chants like, “Bush Lied… Kids Died”, “Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay… Bush/Cheney Go Away” and “Bush is Hitler.”  — Oddly enough liberals seem only care about: kids dying outside the womb; agree with President Obama’s position on gay marriage and that President Bush is anti-semitic—  However, when you challenge these ideas, a lot of these patriots erect walls protecting their patriotism with the statement, “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism” spray painted on it.  But now that President Hitler has run out of presidential terms to steal (FYI liberals STILL think Al Gore won the 2000 election) I find myself on the other side of the dissent aisle and I am now being lectured to by “true” patriots that opposition towards our current president is unpatriotic and is tantamount to Al Qaeda’s ideology.  Vice President Biden said that it is patriotic to pay higher taxes?!  Philosophers/Scholars like Wanda Sykes and Bill Maher were indignant that Rush Limbaugh wants President Obama to fail (For actual quote, click here).  Maher and Sykes said that that statement42 was treasonous and in lock step with Osama Bin Laden.  And we all know common wisdom dictates that our comrades on the political and social left are naturally smarter, more tolerant, sexier, articulate, desirable, better in bed, etc.  When one dissects their criticisms of the past Hitler Administration andjuxtapose their loyalty to the Messiah and their new definition of patriotism, one might find oneself at a loss for words.  How did the definition of patriotism change so fast?


I personally have never questioned one’s patriotism if they were in opposition to my viewpoint.  I may find those who disagree slightly idiotic, naive, weak and wrong but at the end of the day, we are still citizens of the greatest nation on Earth… The Great Satan.  But surely compliance is not the highest form of treason!  I was debating a friend about President Bush’s past policies and he jokingly stated, “… You know Daniel, dissent is the highest form of patriotism.”  I retorted, “You know you are certainly right and David Duke is probably one of the finest contemporary patriots America has to offer.  Duke, being a former Grand Wizard of the KKK and former Democrat/Republican politician holds steadfast to the philosophy of white supremacy which is in direct conflict with the founding principles of our great nation.  Duke also holds an anti-war position and you know white liberal guilt comes into play when the left denounces this man as a Holocaust denier but welcomes Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to appease their diversity guilt neurosis.  While we are talking about the pillars of patriotism, maybe we can set up, expand and spackle in other great patriots like Jane Fonda, John Wilkes Booth, William Ayers, Terry Nicols and Timothy McVeigh.


Standing on a platform in front of the White House and saying that our country does not need to be in the Middle East might/might not be patriotic but standing on a platform in front of the White House, holding a sign that equate America to the Third Reich is NOT patriotic.  There is a night and day difference in standing with the Principles of our country and coming out on the other side of the political deep end with burning the flag while wiping your a$$ with a $30 replica of the Constitution purchased the White House gift shop while proselytizing to the masses that you are not going to shave or bath until the troops of the Great Satan/Capitalistic pig nation come home.


I’ll admit that being patriotic is a broad sweeping term and can mean a lot of things.  I once had a HEATED debate with a friend who was extremely right-wing and his “point” (With a straight face) was that the Constitution does not give one the right to be a communist.  I stated that the Constitution absolutely gives you the right to be a communist, just not the right to murder millions of people.  But even in such murky political waters, does having a right make you, ipso facto, patriotic?  I honestly cannot say one way or another but if one’s actions work against the nation’s principles, I can, with a clear conscience say that you are NOT patriotic.

If you donate money to Hamas or any other cult that decapitates real dissidents, then you are not patriotic and hopefully the NSA is wiretapping you right now.  If you were wishing for President Bush’s assassination for the past eight years then you are unpatriotic.  If you were counting the days until President Bush left the office, then you are NOT unpatriotic.  If you are currently counting the days until President Obama leaves the office (Hopefully in ’12 but doubtful) then you NOT 12unpatriotic despite what the mainstream liberal thought says.  If you want ill to befall on President Obama, then you ARE unpatriotic.  If you are one of the few racists left in America who cannot stand seeing a black man (Technically half-blood) in the White House, then you ARE unpatriotic.  There are many reasons to dislike and disagree with any elected office but identity is not one of them.  Being a true conservative, one is free from identity politics.  I say let the left, whose existence hinges on race, continue to discriminate based on race.


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