The Unavoidable War: War on Radical Islam, The Liberation of Iraq & Beyond

n4920196_43366284_410My first official post is on the subject of the aforementioned title with the intention of re-branding the clash of civilizations that was brought to our shores on September 11, 2001 but was largely ignored for the better part of 30 years.  I find it necessary to divide this complicated subject into two parts: Unavoidable War: War on Radical Islam, Iraq & Beyond and Christianity & War.  I chose this topic because it requires very few horses, if any, to drag me the discussion about the Modern Day Nazi Movement, its unholy agenda and what we must do to resist and defeat this unworthy adversary.  I also chose this topic because it has received the least amount of feedback in the past, so, like the endless Anti-Iraq/War/George W. Bush/ Pro-Che Hollywood movies, I will continue to iron out this topic while simultaneously failing to produce a dime at the box office (Or in my case readers).iraq4

Before September 11, 2001, I had an isolationist’s view towards the world when it came to the foreign policy of the United States.  I had zero interest in other countries’ affairs outside of humanitarian intervention.  If other countries wanted to self-mutilate and self-destruct, I was convinced that it was not in the best interest of the United States nor worth my energy to ponder on; *a view similar to Libertarians  drug legalization and drug users, minus the increased tax revenue.  Then 9/11 happened and my world shrank and the long ignored threat suddenly became real to me.  We had been attacked on our own soil and, unlike the “nobility” of the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, our citizens were the prime target.  People of all races and faiths were chosen, without their knowledge or consent, to take part in a war of two opposing civilizations.  Our country’s response was to clean out the swamps that produced these terrorists and we (the United States) decided that the first battle in this war was in Afghanistan.  Though this country had not officially attacked us, Al Qaeda, its guests, were under the protection of the Afghan government.  We ended up liberating an entire country where women could only show their faces if they thought corrosives were the best way to ex-foliate their faces.  Not only that, but it was forbidden for the women to be educated and men were not allowed to shave without suffering harsh consequences; *a duress that Joaquin Phoenix seems to think he’s under.  You know, to this day I am still waiting for the radical feminist of this country to release a statement of pride for the liberation of entire country of women without sullying it with diatribes like “Imperialism… Bush Lied Kids Died… Halliburton…” and any other recycled comedian’s Anti-Bush tired performances.  Most feminists believe sucking the brains out of unborn children is the epitome of a woman’s right where as I believe that women should NOT bear a striking resemblance to “Two- Face” Harvey Dent from the Dark Knight and they should have the opportunity at a decent education… I WIN!!!  Huh… I never thought I’d be more of a feminist than the worst of the worst of the worst 60’s generation’s bra- burning Marxist faction.


Then our country turned our attention towards Iraq and its future liberation from a tyrant and I was somewhat hesitant.  In the beginning, I was led to believe that Iraq was an imminent threat and that its possession of WMD’s was the final n4920196_43366451_3749violation of international.  The following insurgence and the lack of WMD’s left me feeling somewhat betrayed and at this time (2004), I contemplated voting for Senator John Kerry but then I heard him wax this political philosophy and I reluctantly sprinted back to W.

Then I stumbled across an author named Christopher Hitchens who took my position on the Iraq War (And the War on Terror in general), turned it upside down and expanded it to new levels of thought.  For those of you who are not familiar with Christopher Hitchens, he is a best selling author, former Marxist, extreme Anti-Theist/Atheist, journalist and political commentator.  I found his reasoning for the war flawless despite my many disagreements with some of his works.  * Oddly enough, because of this I have more bi-partisan thought churning in my simple mind than the entire stimulus bill.

In order to express my full opinion on my position on the Iraq Intervention and the War on Islamic Terror, I defer to Christopher Hitchens in the following videos…

This particular video gives a quick lesson on Al Qaeda:

How this war will come upon us whether we fight it or not (some repeated material):

The most articulate reason for the war in Iraq: The Iraq Reason Part 1

The Iraq Reason Part 2

The reason I chose this person to project the Right and Moral reasons for the War is because I feel it is the most balanced.  I hope you will see that we indeed share some of the blame for Iraq’s problems but so does Iraq itself, which liberals should like because lamentation, over correction, extreme self-examination is their way to pretending to be both uniquely nuanced and flamboyantly humble when dealing with foreign policy and other cultures that aren’t American Anglo-Saxon (*And if liberals can fit southerners in the equation the better).  n4920196_43366300_3225You will also notice that this war is indeed a part of a global war against an enemy that has targeted our way of life and will not seem to be satisfied until ALL of its demands are met.  I find that while I don’t worship Western culture like the Jihadist worship their own culture of death, I have yet to find another culture that I am utterly impressed with nor am I likely to find such a culture on the secular level, which I will go into detail the next “breathtaking” post…

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