Part 2 of1: My Journey Into the Blogosphere Take 2

So, I have decided to venture into the Blogosphere again because I believe it is an effective way of communicating ideas on this mud ball we call Earth (Or Gaea for all you New Ager’s).  I dabbled with XANGA in the past and it was not the most pleasant experience but I have been encouraged by a handful of folks to put my ideas about the “world according to Caneda” on digital paper.  As many of you may know, I tend to be opinionated about a great number of issues in life.  Those who are the casual reader read my rantings might respond in a way that a child does when he or she gets their first hair cut.  I encourage you to hold your breath and read to the very end so that you might receive proper perspective.  So when I post the Creed of some random Aryan race cult, relax and read through to the end and you might find a link to President Obama’s former Church website stating their Mission Statement (Replacing BLACK with WHITE of course). Those who actually know me know that I am, somewhat, of a levelheaded guy who feels strongly about certain topics so when you click on this blog, nothing will change from your routine of killing time, avoiding family or prolonging sleep in order to watch cheesey horror movies that come on late at night on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Gone are the days (Maybe those days never existed) where people discussed deeply held beliefs and ideas in a fairly passionate way and were not afraid to ruffle someone’s feathers.  Hurling insults and launching ad hominem attacks have never been apart of civilized discourse if one is comfortable in one’s beliefs.  But the surrendering of one’s voice to fear of perception is not a life worth living.  Facts can be as brutal as insults and the sting in any rebuke is USUALLY the truth.  In that spirit I will be as factual and honest I can be with little sympathy to anything above and beyond neurotic comfort levels.

I tend to attack ideas rather than people because destroying an idea leaves a person still in tact so that they may be free to come up with better ideas (My ideas*).  Or, ringing true to the philosophy of those at, that if you aren’t part of the solution, there’s great money to be made in prolonging the problem.  So bad ideas will continue to be exchanged thus providing jobs for the resistance movement for some and entertainment for others.

This is a blog about life and how I see it.  If you are hypersensitive and want to continue being as such, then I suggest you click on over to Barbara Streisand’s website and read how she waxes idiocy on judicial philosophy.  My worldview tends to have a Judeo/Christian/Pro-American/Conservative/White Anglo-Saxton angle to it but seeing as how we, the oppressors, will be in the minority someday, I’ll be collecting Affirmative Action points for the future though I could start collecting them now seeing as how I am half-white and there is a job market for inexperienced half-whites out there.  But I am also capable of seeing issues from the other side the argument seeing as how I am a contrarian by nature but I do eventually find myself on solid ground.  So, like a Moderate or a Swing Voter, I’ll listen and argue from both sides of the aisle and in my next post, “Maybe the Nazi Philosophy Wasn’t All Wrong,” I’ll be discussing the Pro’s and Con’s of the Final Solution*.

So, I hope you enjoy what I have to say and at the very least, will have something to besides working or paying attention in class or lab.


Daniel Caneda
Aka: Clearly Caneda

All statements marks with a “ * “ are to indicate extreme sarcasm and either succeeded/failed attempts at humor and are to be taken as satire with a bigger meaning.


3 thoughts on “Part 2 of1: My Journey Into the Blogosphere Take 2

  1. I’ve been considered creating my own blog also, for somewhat the same reasons.

    Check this guy out..

    Along the lines of FSK, the theme for mine would describe how society has fallen into a dangerous complacency where questioning their assumed infallible leaders has become unamerican, and group think has replaced any sense of individuality. The mainstream media, which is controlled by members of international groups with a globalist agenda, acts in its own self interest and actively brainwashes sheeple via primitive means of fear and lies. I won’t get started on religion…

    And I’ll get off my soap box… I look forward to seeing what you have to say.

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